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Here are a few screen shots showing how our employee time clock works.


Timecards (or call them timesheets if you prefer) record every employee punch during a pay period. They can only be edited by the clock administrator (or supervisor who has rights). This example shows an editable timecard over a weekly pay period. Timecards can be printed, emailed, exported to Excel or downloaded as a batch file.

Webtimeclock Timecard

Timecard Batch

One of our most requested features. The timecard batch allows you to print all your employee timecards from a single HTML file. It also allows you to download that file to your computer. Make sure you have one of the latest non-beta browsers such as IE, Firefox, Safari or Chrome.

Webtimeclock Timecard Batch


Summary reports are essential for payroll. They display all employee hours over a single pay period. Once approved, simply submit this to your payroll processor. Summary reports can be printed, emailed, or exported to formats such as Quickbooks, Paychex and more.

Webtimeclock Summary Report

Who's In

Who's In reports are snapshots of time. At a glance you can see who is clocked in and where they clocked in from. Who's In reports can be printed or emailed.

Webtimeclock Who's In Report


Employee details are entered by the clock administrator (or supervisor with rights). If you want employees to log in from the web, then assign their username and passwords here. To freeze an employee account, make it inactive. If an employee leaves your company, you can archive their account. Archived users are not charged.

Webtimeclock Employee Detail


Departments are used to categorize employee groups and/or jobs. Departments also allow you to set specific payroll policies such as rounding, overtime, lunch deduction, schedules etc. This example shows a detail of a department's settings.

Webtimeclock Department Detail

Punch Security

Our most asked question... "How do you prevent employees from punching at home?" Our three methods include: Cookie, Network IP, and Caller ID punch security. Cookie security limits an employee to log in from a specific computer; Network IP security limits an employee to log in from your office; and Caller ID security limits an employee to phone punch from a specific telephone number. All methods are very effective.

Webtimeclock Login Punch Security

Punch Screen

Once an employee logs into their punch screen, they simply click the available button. In this example, the employee clicks OUT and is shown how many hours they worked so far that day. There is no limitation of how many times an employee may punch per day.

Webtimeclock Punch Screen

Webtimeclock Punched OUT

Department Transfer/Job Costing

Department transfer allows you to track how many hours are worked in each individual department. Useful if employees work different shifts. It is also useful in tracking hours per job. The screen below shows how an employee selects the department (ie job) before their IN punch. The drop-down defaults to their home department.

Webtimeclock Department Transfer

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