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Report: Date Range, People, Departments, Earning Codes, Hours, and Wages

Here is how it works. Click the Hours reports link to open the report editor, enter the date range of your report, select the options, then click Create Report. Your report will show instantly on the main screen.

Report types include hours detail, hours summary, wage detail, wage summary, and projects. Once you save a report, it will remember your settings... making it easy to run different reports based on the same date range or other selections.

With our custom reports, you are not limited to timesheets or payroll hour summaries. You can use them for business needs such as department/job analysis, or labor wage reports.

Need to know how many vacation hours were used last year, no problem. Need to know how many hours someone worked last quarter, no problem. Find it instantly.

Webtimeclock is an online time clock plus optional online payroll. Have questions? Contact our support team, or call us at 1-800-450-2692. Sign up today for your free 15-day trail. We are located in San Diego (Carlsbad), CA USA.