A refreshingly simple employee time clock platform.

Webtimeclock doesn’t over-complicate things. We help track employee hours, manage your team, and report for payroll. Done.

Time that works.

Webtimeclock Timesheet

How it works.

  1. Employee time clock.Track hours, overtime, and breaks. Clock in from desktops, tablets, phones, wall-mounted time clocks, or landline telephones. Perfect for desk or non-desk workers, from the office, store, home, or job site.
  2. Employee and HR management. Manage employee scheduling, PTO requests, internal messaging, file sharing of HR documents, and more. Employees can be managed by administrators, or by direct supervisors.
  3. Optional, full-service payroll. Payroll for all 50 US states. With us, you get an all-in-one system that competes with ANY payroll provider. Calculates paychecks, sends direct deposits, and files your payroll taxes. Simple and accurate.

Why we're different.

  1. Experience. Over the last two decades, we’ve learned what works, what doesn’t, and how to keep up with change. Webtimeclock is a proven system, serving thousands of companies for years. Many have stayed with us from the beginning.
  2. Simplicity. The thing we hear most often is how easy Webtimeclock is to use. No need for manuals, training seminars, and the like. Simply sign in and start using it. We also provide in-depth tutorials, with more to come.
  3. Great support. We're not an investor funded corporation hoping to be an IPO someday. We're a small team of people who love helping others. If you have questions and need assistance, we're here for you… usually within an hour.

The customers we love.

We’ve been fortunate to serve nearly every industry you can think of. While we do serve national brands, most of our customers are small, yet mighty businesses. If you are in any of the following industries, you're in good company.

Medical offices

Dental offices



Retail stores






Insurance/Real Estate