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A less complicated, more affordable online time clock.

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10k companies

Webtimeclock has been used by over 10,000 companies.


Clock in for work

Employees clock time using any web browser on desktops, laptops, or phones

IP address security
Allow or prevent phone clocking
Optional GPS tracking
Log in using a PIN

Rethink the tablet

Have employees clock time using our secure, wall-mounted time clocks

Completely optional
Choice of PIN, prox, finger, or face
WiFi or ethernet

Make a request

Employees request time off right from their account

Instantly approve or deny
Search time off history
See available PTO/Sick hours
Updates a timesheet instantly

Edit hours

It's easy to make adjustments to employee timesheets

Enter missed punches
Enter work hours, PTO and holidays
Assign or change department codes
Audit employee location

Create reports

Build real-time reports of hours and wages. Export to CSV, PDF, or your payroll provider.

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