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Shift lockouts

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Helps prevent early/late punches and short meal breaks.

Shifts schedules have a start time, end time, and lunch duration. With this, Webtimeclock includes the ability to control these shifts using lockouts...

1. Meal break lockout: Allows employees to clock out up to 15 minutes for rest breaks. After 15 minutes employees must wait until their meal break is completed to clock back in.

2. Shift lockout no zones: Allows employees to clock during shift hours only, not one minute before or one minute after. Consider setting your start/end times with a buffer. For example, to give a five minute buffer, set a start time of 7:55 AM for a shift that should start at 8:00 AM.

3. Shift lockout with zones: Allows employees to clock up to one hour before shift start, and up to one hour after shift end. During these one hour "zones", the actual punch will be recorded, but total hours will be "rounded" forward to shift start, or backward to shift end. Can be overridden by changing the employee's assigned shift for the day.

To help ensure employees are paid for every minute they work, consider setting firm boundaries before using lockout rules. Employees may follow better if they know what the rules are.

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