Webtimeclock features

It does a lot more than you think.

Why it's less complicated
Intuitive We have a manual, you won't need it.
Web-based Developed for all web browsers
Any device Works on any PC, Mac, iPhone, or Android
No hardware Use your computer, phone, or tablet
No install Nothing to install or maintain
Integration Integrates with your payroll system
Any size Manage from 1 employee to thousands
Worry-free Support is always free by email or phone.
Secure Redundant systems, SSL, data encryption
What it calculates
Time Work hours over day, workweek, & pay period
Wages Gross wages based on base rate
Overtime Both weekly and daily. All states
Time Off Accrues by date range or hours worked
Jobs Time worked for job costing
Decimals Decimal conversion is exact, not rounded
What employees do
Logging In By entering a PIN and Company ID
Punching Click the available IN or OUT button
Emailing Send timecards to themselves or others
Approving Mark time card as approved
Commenting Requests and or questions for Supervisor
Using Use any computer, phone or tablet
What admins and supervisors do
Logging In By entering an email and password
Editing Edit time cards, enter time off hours
Managing Know who is working and who is not
Commenting Respond to employee requests/questions
Assigning Enter jobs to be tracked by employees
Approving Mark time cards as approved
Securing Lock down with authorized IP addresses
Monitoring View GPS coordinate maps for each punch
Reporting For payroll, auditing, or job costing
How it organizes
Companies Each employee is assigned to a company
Departments Each employee is assigned to a department
Jobs Each employee is assigned to a job
Who has access
Account Owner Manages account, billing, companies
Administrators Manages a single company
Supervisors Manages employees assigned to them
Employees Punches, views timecards, adds comments
Payroll policies
Pay Periods Week, Bi-Week, Semi-Month, Month, Custom
Rounding Nearest 5, 6, 10, and 15 minute
Overtime Weekly, Daily (2 levels), and 7th Day (Calif)
Auto Deduct Automatically deducts time from workday
Auto Add Automatically adds time to workday
Revision Zones Rounds to shift start/stop time
24+ Hour Shift Tracks shifts over midnight and beyond
Lunch/Breaks Track time spent on lunch and/or breaks
Holidays Global holiday leave hours
What it reports
Timecards Individual employee over pay period
Leave Accrual Lists accrued, available hours
Comments Lists all comments on timecard
Payroll Summary Total hours for pay period
Wages Summary Total wages for pay period
Status See who's punched in and more
Jobs Summary Summary of all jobs worked
Job Detail Total hours on specific jobs
Clocking Audit DCAA ready. Details every punch
Editing Audit DCAA ready. Details every edit