Webtimeclock Features

Every account gets every feature of Webtimeclock. The only difference is Webtimeclock Payroll has features that only apply to payroll.

Timesheets for Hourly and Salary Workers

Hourly workers cannot edit their timesheets, they can only clock in or out. Salary workers, on the other hand, can edit their timesheets and can track time against tasks (departments). They are also DCAA compliant with an edit trail.

Clocking Options

With Webtimeclock employees can clock from any web browser on any desktop, tablet, or phone. In addition, there are more options such as integrating with wall-mounted time clocks and landline telephone clocking.

Unlimited Locations

While other services charge per location, at Webtimeclock we do not. Work from offices, restaurants, properties, job sites, home, etc. from as many locations as you need.

Unlimited Departments

Use departments to track hours by groups. You can also use departments as individual tasks using a project schema such as ABC-DESIGN-102. Which translates to customer ABC, on task Design, for project 102.

Payroll Integrations

If you handle payroll yourself, we integrate with QuickBooks (online and desktop), ADP, Paychex, Gusto, SurePayroll, and Heartland. If your payroll is not listed, please let us know, we will build it in.


It's good to know if remote workers are on location. We do not track them, instead we record their position when they clock in/out. If they are at the workplace, that’s great, otherwise they cannot clock in.

Phone Lockout

Sometimes you might prefer employees to clock from a wall-mounted clock, or desktop computer instead of a phone. If they try using a phone, this setting will prevent them from clocking.

PTO/Sick Accruals

Tracks how many PTO, vacation, or sick hours are available to an employee. Our system can accrue hours over time, per hours worked, or as a flat balance. Employees will see their available hours on their timesheets.

Time Off Requests and Approvals

Allows employees to request time off from within their account. You will get an email notification when they do. While approving, you will be able to see how many hours the employee has available.

Team Messaging

Use team messaging to save notes that can be shared with any number of selected team members. They're saved by workweek, so you can review them later.

Employee Scheduling

Scheduling is based on shifts such as 8AM to 5PM. First create shifts, then assign them to employees by workweek, whether recurring or custom. Each employee can see their schedule inside their account.

Tip Tracking

Webtimeclock makes tip tracking easier and more accurate. Each time a tipped employee clocks out, our system asks them to enter any cash tips received during their shift. Once entered, their cash tips will appear on their timesheet.

Who's Working Report

Reports the time employees last clocked in/out, and from what location. Think of it as a bird’s eye view of staff during work hours.

Shift and Meal Lockouts

Shift lockouts prevent employees from clocking outside of the scheduled shift. This can help prevent unauthorized hours and overtime. Meal locks prevent employees from clocking back IN before their meal shift is completed.

Automatic Lunch Deduction

Sometimes it is convenient to have Webtimeclock automatically deduct a meal break instead of having employees clock out for lunch. As such, employees clock in for the day, then out for the day.

Multiple Pay Schedules and Classes

There are companies that pay employees at different times. For example, weekly for hourly staff, and semi-monthly for salary staff. Our system covers whatever pay schedules you need.

Clock Rounding

When someone clocks in or out, the exact time will show on their timesheet. With rounding however, totals are calculated based on the rounded time. Example, 7:58 AM will round to 8:00 AM.


Webtimeclock Payroll gets every feature of Webtimeclock, plus the following...

Payroll Editor

We make running payroll as simple as possible. Create a draft of each payroll to track payroll costs which includes hourly, non-hourly, reimbursement, and contractor compensation.

HR and Payroll Document Storage

Keeps payroll documents and pay stubs available for download. Also keep HR documents such as employee handbooks and job descriptions all inside Webtimeclock. Everything is in one central place. Each file can be shared with any number of selected team members.

Unlimited Payrolls per Month

Some payroll providers bill you per paycheck. With Webtimeclock you can run as many payrolls you need each month, and pay the same price. Weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly. Pay per employee, not per check.

Tax Filing and Payments

As full-service, we handle tax filings and ACH. We automatically file all necessary forms to tax agencies each time you run payroll. We also send direct-deposit payments to employees and contractors.

Multi-State Payroll

Payroll is always based on where the employee works. If you have employees that work from different locations, or even different states, we will provide the required forms, and calculate their taxes.

4-day, 2-day, and Next Day Processing

When you sign up for payroll, our system defaults to 4-day processing, meaning employees get paid 4 days after you approve payroll. Most will be upgraded to 2-day within a week. Next day processing requires an additional fee.

Digital Pay Stubs, W2s, and 1099s

Being completely digital, we don't mail checks, W2s or 1099s. However, these documents can easily be downloaded from your administrator account and/or each individual employee/contractor account as PDFs.

Benefits and Garnishments

Sometimes payroll requires custom deductions, for example, contributions to health insurance, IRAs, or garnishments (such as child support). Any required support or setup is free.