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per person per month

$120 minimum per year



per person per month

$12 minimum per month

With Payroll


per person per month

+ $39 base fee per month

Time clock features

Included in every account.

All pay periods

Weekly, biweekly, semimonthly, monthly, and custom.

Overtime compliance

Weekly and daily overtime rules for all 50 US states.

Time off accruals

Calculates time off balances for PTO and sick earning codes.

Time off requests

Employees request time off from their own account.

Employee scheduling

Easily set shift times for each employee, for each day.

Custom reporting

By employee, department, earning code. Hours and wages.


Who's in, pto requests, schedules, total hours, and comments.

All employment types

Hourly employees, salary employees, and contractors

Access permissions

Super admins, administrators, supervisors, and standard.

Unlimited departments

Departments can define groups, jobs, or project tasks.

Unlimited locations

From home, the office, a job site, at no extra charge.

Timesheet comments

A record of what happened printed right on the timesheet.

Employee self service

Clock in/out, timesheets, schedules, and request time off.

Optional time clocks

PIN, prox, fingerprint, and facial recognition. WiFi or ethernet.


Webtimeclock Payroll, QuickBooks, ADP, Paychex, Gusto, and more

Holiday hours

Instantly enter holiday hours on all employee timesheets.

Tip tracking

Employees enter cash tips that show on their timesheets.

GPS tracking

Will record employee's location when the clock in/out.

Auto lunch deduction

Deducts a set amount of minutes from an employee shift.


Save notes and reminders. Notes are searchable and shareable.

Payroll features

Included with payroll accounts.

Integrated time clock

Hours are instantly integrated. No need to transfer.

ACH Direct deposits

Eliminate the need to print and distribute paychecks.

Automatic tax filings

Tax calculations, filings, W-2s, 1099's, all automated.

Tax compliance

Calculations and filings for Fed and all 50 US states.

Unlimited payolls

Run as many regular or off-cycle payrolls as you need.

Faster processing

Qualify your company to receive two day and next day processing.

Paperless onboarding

Company and employee forms are digitally signed.

Non-hourly pay

Pay bonuses, commissions, tips, reimbursements and more.

Contractor payments

Conveniently pay contractors when running payroll.

No setup fees

Our team will get you started and support you along the way.


Manage employee benefits such as medical and dental.

Post-tax deductions

Manage employee post-tax deductions such as garnishments.

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