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per person per month

$120 minimum per year



per person per month

$12 minimum per month

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per person per month

+ $39 base fee per month

Do you offer a free trial?
Yes, it's free for 15 days with free support, no credit card is required. Once your trial ends, your data remains safe. If you decide not to continue with us, we simply pause your account and wish you well. Sign up today.

Can employees clock from home?
Yes, but only if you want them to. You have the ability to limit employees to clock only from your workplace IP address.

Do you offer time clocks?
Yes, you may purchase compatible wall-mounted time clocks from our partners Time Clock Deals and Compumatc Time Recorders. These clocks send data to your account in real-time.

How does annual billing work?
We start by counting the number of active employees you have, then calculate the annual amount. When paid, that amount is held as credit. Then each month, we invoice based on your current count, and deduct that from your credit.

Why per person?
A person may have more than one role. For example, a supervisor could also be an employee that clocks in ... same thing for an administrator too. Instead of per employee or per user, we bill per person, but keep the rate competitive.

Do you offer discounts to non-profits?
Yes, please contact our team. If you are a nonprofit organization such as a 501(c), we are happy to help.

Is payroll optional?
Yes, if you only need to use our online time clock, you are more than welcome. You can always add payroll later if you like.
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