Buy a clock

Make things easier, use a wall-mounted time clock.

Compumatic XLS 21
PIN or PROX (RFID) time clock
Compumatic XLS Bio
FINGERPRINT time clock
Compumatic CFR-20/20
FACE Recognition time clock
Compumatic MultiBio
FACE, FINGER, or PROX time clock
Clocks are compatible with Webtimeclock only. Each clock connects using ethernet or Wi-Fi and includes mounting hardware. power cord and one-year warranty.


Why use a time clock?

Time clocks are better than using computers or mobile phones. They are easier to use, less distracting, and instantly identify the location of the employee.

Are time clocks required for Webtimeclock?

They are recommended by not required. Using computers or mobile phones may be a better fit for remote employees or a small staff.

Do you charge a monthly fee per time clock?

No, you can connect as many time clocks as you need at no extra charge. Install them at any number of locations.

Do you offer free support on hardware?

Yes, all active accounts receive free email and phone support. Phone support is available US Pacific Time.

Can I use the clock without an internet connection?

Yes, employees can still clock time without an internet connection... However to transfer hours to your account, you will need an internet connection.

How do I connect a time clock to my account?

In your account go to Settings > Time Clocks. You can add as many clocks as you need by entering each serial number.

What is Compumatic?

Compumatic Time Recorders is our time clock hardware partner located in the US. They have been in business for decades.