Time Off Requests

Everyone needs time off. For example, taking a restful break, seeing a doctor, recovering from an illness, helping family, or giving service to others. It helps reduce stress and burnout and helps find time to get stuff done.

According to study by Visier, 70% of burnt-out employees will leave their current job. So you might consider allowing time off as an essential, but certainly not a cure-all for work-related burnout.

Here, I'll show you how employees request time off, and how you as an Administrator or Supervisor approve it (or not).

1. How employees request time off

Employees can request time off inside their account. To do that, they click the Time off link on the left side of the screen, then click Add.

Approve Time Off

Request form

Time off type This a drop-down list of your available earning codes. By default, you have Vacation and Sick hours, but you can add others.

Hours/day This allows the employee to select the number of hours to be compensated. By default, it is set to 8 hours. As an example, if they just needed 2 hours to visit a doctor, they can enter 2.

Starting/Ending on The employee selects the date range for the time off. If the date range includes a weekend, then our system will remove Saturday and Sunday from the request.

Optional note If the employee wants to enter a note, they can. However, our system doesn't require it.

When finished, click Save.

Approve Time Off

Now the employee will see their request.

Time off request list

2. How to approve time off

Log in as an Administrator or Supervisor, then click the Time off link on the left side of the screen. From the list of requests, click the Pending link.

Click Pending

Approval form

A couple things to note...

  1. The screen asks the request directly. In this example it says "Do you approve 40:00 (Vacation Hours) requested by Kelly Jones?

  2. It provides the current bank of hours for the employee (if accruals are set). You'll know if the employee has enough available.

Select whether you approve the request or not, then click Save.

Approve Time Off

If you selected Yes, I approve these hours, then the request status will change to approved. It's still editable, so you can change it if needed.

Approved time off list

Finally, look at the employee's timesheet to confirm the hours were entered.

Timesheet with time off

That's time off requests. A great way to save time and keep a records.