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GPS geolocation

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An employee's GPS location can be saved and mapped with each punch.

Not everyone clocks in for work at an office. Maybe you have drivers on the road, or construction workers at a job site. The challenge is knowing where they were when they clocked in. Especially when using a cell carrier's IP address.

That's where geolocation comes in.

Browsers on mobile phones have the ability to capture GPS coordinates. These pinpoint the exact location of the phone at the time. By requiring an employee to use GPS, they must allow their browser to show their location.

If they do, their GPS coordinates will be saved when they clock in or out. This will allow the manager to see the location of each punch on a map.

A couple things to note...

1. Although you could use GPS geolocation on desktop computers, please only use it for mobile phones. Searching via desktop is not always reliable.

2. Webtimeclock does not use geofencing. Meaning we do not prevent employees from clocking if they are outside your boundaries. Instead, we recommend limiting them to your IP address.

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