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Webtimeclock updates March 2024

Mar 30, 2024
Here are the latest updates as of Saturday March 30th 2024, thanks to everyone who provided feedback.

Who's in report
The Who's in report shows all active employees on one single page... no matter when their last punch was. We also made it easier to read, and have it tailored for Admins, Managers, and Supervisors.

This is a big improvement and we hope you like it. Instead of selecting individual employees for each holiday, you simply enter a holiday name and date.

To assign if employees are eligible, go to People > Person > Assigns. There you can enter the number of hours the employee should receive for each holiday. For example, zero, 4, or 8.

Once the holiday is set, and employees assigned, the system handles the rest, the holiday will appear on each timesheet when it is calculated.

A big improvement here too, previously our rules were not customizable enough. Now for each shift, you can choose a zone period, grace period, and lockout for both the IN punch and OUT punch. This means you can have different rules for when employees clock IN and clock OUT.

Now you can set an employee's schedule for the whole week on one form. Go to Schedules then click the employee's name, rather than a day of the week.

We also added a recurring schedule option. With this, you can set a weekly schedule that repeats every week.

So you know, schedules are a work in progress, we'll be adding more changes soon.

Calculations in sequence
This was a big deal for us, but may not be something you notice. Every timesheet is now calculated based on the sequence of punches. 

For example, if you have one time clock that is connected to the internet, but another is not, our system will automatically adjust each timesheet when the second clock reconnects. This gives you the ability to have any number of time clocks, in any number of locations... Even when each clock may not be fully connected.

When all your clocks are connected, click the Recalculate link on each timesheet.

And more
We have received some great suggestions, and there is a lot more to do. We'll keep you up to date on what we change.

Please feel free to offer feedback, it is greatly appreciated.

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