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Timesheet approvals

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Timesheets can be approved by both employees and managers.

Each timesheet has an approval button. When clicked, it opens a form that provides a save button with the option of entering a comment. When saved, the approval is added to the timesheet including the name of the approver, the date and time, and any additional comments.

It works by knowing who is logged in. If the employee is logged in, then the employee is approving their own timesheet. If a manager is logged in, then their name will appear as the approver.

It's flexible this way. It allows any number of people to add an approval to a timesheet. For example, it will allow an employee, supervisor, and manager to each add their own approval to a single timesheet.

Timesheet approvals can be left as permanent records on the timesheet. They can also be deleted by an administrator if there was a mistake.

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