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Web-Based Time Clock

An original web based time clock.

Webtimeclock is a web based time clock to track employee hours for any small business. It includes easy-to-use, web based payroll as an option. It's also an original, as one of the first available online time clock software apps available.

But why use a web based time clock? Why not use a time card machine, or install time clock software on your PC and avoid monthly subscription fees?

And what makes Webtimeclock workforce management such a great thing?

A quick story
Consider two office managers, both running similar offices in the same industry. The first uses a biometric time clock for tracking employee work hours and reducing time theft, the second uses the web based time clock by Webtimeclock.

The first manager is happy with their system. Employees clock in using their fingers, then at the end of the pay period, they download employee attendance records from the clock using a USB drive to transfer the time clock data to their PC. When complete, the manager emails employee time to their payroll provider.

One drawback for employees is not being able to see their timesheets, only the manager can provide that. That could be a compliance issue.

The second manager
Like the first, the second manager uses a fingerprint time clock, however there is no need to transfer each hour manually … all hours are automatically reported in real-time. Same for their remote employee who clocks in from the web.

And unlike the first office, each employee has convenient web access to their timesheet from anywhere, and can request time off from an office computer or personal phone.

Then, like the first manager, the second manager can email employee time to their payroll services provider ... or they could simply use Webtimeclock Payroll as an all-in-one app to pay their employees from a single login.

So what's the time tracking difference?
The first manager can only work from a PC located at the office. The second manager can work from anywhere ... such as the office, home, or business trip.

This illustrates how the Webtimeclock app gives you freedom to work from anywhere, not just from the office. Webtimeclock helps you be productive so you can spend more time on other important things ... like building your business, or spending time with your family … while cutting labor costs and ensuring an accurate payroll.

Since there is no software to install, there is nothing to maintain or backup. And unlike desktop software, support is always free.

What makes Webtimeclock better?
First, we've been doing this for awhile now, over 20 years. We've learned a few things about running a so-called "SAAS" company long before it became a thing.

Second, we develop online software that is easy to use, not awkward and complicated. Because of that, you have an instant employee time clock available to your employees in minutes.

Third, we have affordable pricing for any small business, we are worth every penny you pay and a lot more. We have many companies that have used us for over ten years ... if that tells you something.

Fourth, we are a full-service payroll company. It's optional, but having your time clock app integrated with your payroll app is a game changer.

And last, we can't promise you will be successful, but we will guarantee you are productive. We have all the tools you would expect from a great time and attendance system.

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What does the Webtimeclock app do?
Webtimeclock employee time tracking has every feature you need for employee time and attendance.

1. It allows you to track attendance three ways. By using any web-browser on computers, phones and tablets, using a wall-mounted time clock such as our biometric fingerprint print timeclock, or by dialing a toll-free phone number from a landline phone.

2. It captures work hours in real-time even if you have remote employees. Need to have gps time tracking? No problem, that is included.

3. It calculates work hours, overtime, and time off, then reports them on each timesheet and time card. Everything time clock software should do ... including employee scheduling.

4. It allows employees to request time off, view and write comments on their timesheet, and view scheduling using any device.

5. It includes optional payroll processing using our full-service payroll system. Employee time and attendance is instantly integrated into payroll.

How does Webtimeclock compare?
Some of our worthy competitors include QuickBooks Time, Payclock Online, Time Clock Wizard, Time Doctor, and Time Guardian Online.

However none of the services above offer full-service payroll as an option.

But if you only need time clock software, we match most every feature they have, but make it easier and less expensive.

The best way to know is to sign up for a free trial, it won't cost you anything. But what you will learn may change how you do things for the better.

Webtimeclock is an online time clock plus optional online payroll. Have questions? Contact our support team, or call us at 1-800-450-2692. Sign up today for your free 15-day trail. We are located in San Diego (Carlsbad), CA USA.