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QuickBooks, ADP, Paychex, Gusto, Heartland, and Sure Payroll.

If you use Webtimeclock Payroll, employee hours are full integrated, so there is no need to transfer, they are already there.

But if you don't use Webtimeclock Payroll, we have integrations with a few top payroll systems such as QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop, ADP, Paychex, Gusto, Heartland, and Sure Payroll.

With QuickBooks Online, we offer full integration. Meaning we can connect your QuickBooks account to Webtimeclock, and send hours with one click.

For the rest, we offer formatted exports for each system. With QuickBooks desktop you can export an IIF file, for the rest they are either CSV files or tab delimited.

Webtimeclock is an online time clock plus optional online payroll. Have questions? Contact our support team, or call us at 1-800-450-2692. Sign up today for your free 15-day trail. We are located in San Diego (Carlsbad), CA USA.