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Webtimeclock notes can be shared and searched.

Our Notes feature is not integrated with time and attendance, it's simply a note taking feature. But because it's there, it can be really handy for mangers to record thoughts, and set reminders for the future. Very helpful for HR.

Notes are shared. It's not like texting or messaging at all, but it does allow you to select people from a list who can view the note. For example, you could share a note as a memo to the entire staff.

Notes appear per day. They don't accumulate as a long list you see in Slack, but they are searchable. For example, if you have several notes about Mary Smith, then search the words Mary Smith to display them all.

Notes are dated. To create a reminder, click forward to a day in the future, then enter your note. When that day arrives your note will be counted in your dashboard and show on your list.

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