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No matter what kind of hotel you have, if you have hourly employees, consider using Webtimeclock. We easily centralize employee time tracking from one hotel to hundreds of hotel locations. We track cash tips too.

Since most hotel employees don't work from desks, employees clock in from an office computer, tablet, phone, or time clock. Learn more.


Webtimeclock makes everything as easy as possible, from clocking in, reporting payroll hours, and paying your employees.


Webtimeclock is priced for any hotel business. Our pricing includes all features without any complicated tiers. Simply choose with payroll or without.

Time clocks

Consider purchasing a wall-mounted time clock compatible with Webtimeclock. PIN, prox, fingerprint, or facial recognition. Perfect for any hotel.


Webtimeclock is a full-service payroll provider for all 50 US states... but only as an option. Use us and get everything in one place.

Webtimeclock is an online time clock plus optional online payroll. Have questions? Contact our support team, or call us at 1-800-450-2692. Sign up today for your free 15-day trail. We are located in San Diego (Carlsbad), CA USA.