Clocking In/Out

Webtimeclock is all about web clocking, that's how we got our name. Makes sense we offer an easy way to do this. So, to cover most situations, there are two ways. Either signing in with their email/password, or by signing in with their PIN.

Either method can be accessed from any desktop, tablet, or phone browser. So it's available to the employee from anywhere. You simply place security limits to make sure they are at their workplace location.

1. Using email and password

This method gives employees more tools. Besides clocking in, they can also view their timesheets, and share team messages. Using our Pro plan, they can also request time off, review their schedule, and share HR documents.

Have employees go to, then click SIGN IN. There, they enter their email and password to access their account. If they have a Google account, they can simply click the Sign in with Google button.

Sign IN

Once logged in, employees click the CLOCK link on the upper right. That will open the clocking screen. The system already knows if they are clocked in or not, so if they aren't this is what they see.

Clock IN

When they click the Clock IN button, the system confirms the punch. To close the screen, click Done.

Clocked IN

When the employee returns to clock out, the system displays the time they last clocked in, along with how long they have been working.

You last clocked IN

2. Using a PIN

This method is really simple. It only allows employees to clock in/out. For example, it doesn't show their timesheets or allow them to share messages. For that, they will have to use their email and password.

As mentioned, this method can be used on any desktop, tablet, or phone. It will turn any device into an employee time clock.

PINs are assigned by administrators. Go to LOGIN > People > click persons name > Settings tab. Four digits are common, but assign any number that makes sense.

2-1: Have employees go to, then click TEAM. To register the browser, we ask for your company ID (admins find it here... LOGIN > Account). Once a company ID is entered and saved by the browser, the employee won't have to enter it again.

Team clock

2-2: The screen now shows your company name and asks for a PIN. The employee simply enters their PIN, then clicks Continue.

Enter PIN

2-3: The screen confirms the employee's name and displays an IN/OUT button just like we described for email/password clocking. Employees simply click Clock IN.

Clock IN

That's it. Two easy ways for employee to clock in. In future posts, we'll show how to use our wall-mounted time clocks, and landline telephone clocking.