How employees clock in

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There are three ways for employees to clock in/out for work. To make it simple, our system does not require apps to be installed on phones or computers.

1. From any web browser

Employees log into our employee web app using only a PIN. They will be asked for your Company ID on the first visit. This works on any device including phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops.

2. From a wall-mounted time clock

Consider an optional time clock... shop at TimeClockDeals. Employee punches are never lost, each clock stores punches even with no internet connection. PIN entry, proximity badges, fingerprint, and facial recognition.

3. From any US/CA phone number

Webtimeclock also features a telephone time clock system. Employees dial a toll-free number to clock in/out. Our system identifies the location by the caller ID of the phone being used. A great way to verify employee location.


Can employees clock from home?
Yes, but only if you want them to. Our system allows you to limit employees by their IP address.

Can we stop employees from using their phones?
Yes, we have a setting that does that. It will only allow employees to clock in/out if they use a desktop or laptop.