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Payroll compensation is not always measured by hours worked, it can also be for other reasons. With Webtimeclock Payroll, it's easy to enter non-hourly earnings on paycheck. Here are a few common earning types.

Bonus pay is a payment given to employees as a reward or gift. For example a performance reward, or as a holiday gift. Without going into detail they can be either discretionary or non-discretionary.

Commission pay is a payment given to employees based on a sale. Some employees earn a commission in addition to their base income, while others are compensated as commission only.

Paycheck tips is a payment given to employees (on their paycheck) in compensation of earned tips. This allows employees to receive one single payment, and removes the need to report individual tips to their employer.

Severance pay is a payment given to employees after their employment is over. It can be considered a gesture of goodwill by an employer to help an employee make the transition from employed to unemployed.

Non-hourly regular pay is a payment given to employees as compensation for paid family leave. It's taxed as regular earnings.

Imputed income are benefits employees receive that are not included in their wages. For example a company car or gym membership. The employee does not pay for them, but is responsible for paying the resulting taxes.

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