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Track employee hours

Jul 12, 2023

Tracking employee hours is essential. It is the most accurate way to control payroll costs and keep records of your hourly employees.

But how should you track employee hours? In other words, how should employees clock in? Well, it really depends on what's best for you.

Webtimeclock offers several methods for tracking employee time. Here we go...

1. Desktop browsers

This is how Webtimeclock started. Companies use us because they already have office computers connected to the internet. This method works well for office environments or businesses that have a desktop computer available to their employees.

2. Phone browsers

For background, Webtimeclock was released in 2003. The iPhone wasn't invented until 2007, four years later. Since then, mobile phones have become the number one way people access the internet. So it makes sense that a mobile phone could be used to track employee hours. Webtimeclock has kept up with technology, our system works great on phones and tablets with no app to install. With geofencing and GPS location.

However, we recommend using mobile phones for remote work only. For example delivery, construction, farms, or home services. We don't recommend employees use their personal phone at offices, retail locations, or restaurants. If employees start work by entering an office, restaurant, or store, then use a dedicated device (desktop, tablet, or time clock) and not their personal phones.

3. Tablet browsers

Webtimeclock allows employees to log in using a PIN and Company ID. Tracking time works well on tablets with no app to install. If enabled, it works with GPS location too.

If you already have a tablet, we recommend using it at your location as a dedicated time clock at no extra cost. You may need to ensure the device is in kiosk mode to prevent employees from messing with it. You could have the tablet loose, but consider having it mounted securely to a wall.

4. Wall-mounted time clocks

Desktops and laptops are fine for tracking time, but to make it easier for employees, consider using a wall-mounted time clock instead. They are inexpensive, easy to use, and connect directly to your Webtimeclock account. They also come in a variety of types depending on need.

Time clock types
  • PIN entry and/or RFID badge swipe time clocks
  • Biometric fingerprint time clocks
  • Facial recognition time clocks

See all our compatible wall-mounted time clocks

5. Landline telephones

If employees work at client locations, then turn the client's landline phone into a time clock. Employees call a toll-free number to track their time. Perfect for custodial, or home care services. There is a cost of $0.07 per call.

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