Sharing Messages

There are a many ways to reach out to people. Phone calls, email, text messaging, and a long list of social media. For business messaging, you could use Slack, or any other service like it.

But instead of integrating with Slack, or any other messaging system, we've built our own system that works well with teams. Unlike subscribing to channels, you select who you want you want to share with. Simple.

One benefit is having central place that holds your team communications. That way, you can look back to what was said.

1. Go to LOGIN > Messages

Click the Add button

Add Message

Message - Messages can be up to 240 characters in length. Text only, no images or video. You can, however, enter emojis 😃. Messages can't be separated into paragraphs, so consider them simple, short-form posts like a Tweet. Entering URLs is okay too, just know it won't provide a link.

Share with - Besides yourself, this allows you to choose who can see the message. Either one person, a few, or everybody. Whatever makes sense. Your team will see these messages when they log in.

Enter emojis while you type: For Windows, use windows logo key + period. For Mac, use control + command + space

Enter Message
When finished, **click Save then Done.** Now you see your updated list of messages...


A few more things to know...

Editing messages - The person who writes the message, can also edit the message. To do this, click on the message, write your edits, then click Save.

Deleting messages - The person who writes the message, can also delete the message. To do this, click on the message, select if you wish to delete, then click Save. It's now permanently deleted.

Listed by workweek - We only display messages per week. To view older messages, click the back arrow for previous weeks.

Saving messages offline - You have the option to save weekly messages to your desktop as a PDF file, email it to someone, or export it ready for Excel.

That's messages. I hope it helps keep your team in sync.