Webtimeclock Run Payroll Demo

Feb 6 2023

Transcript below

Hi, and welcome.

In this video we'll demonstrate how to run payroll in Webtimeclock.

We want to show how easy it is, and why it might be the best choice for your company.

As a quick agenda, we'll start with a Webtimeclock Payroll overview

Then, one by one, we'll show how easy it is to

Upgrade to payroll Run payroll Edit Preview And finally Approve payroll

So, let’s get started.

So, what is Webtimeclock Payroll?

It's a full-service payroll provider for companies with hourly employees. Salary too.

Just like ADP or Paychex, we calculate payroll, pay your team, and both file and pay your payroll taxes.

Sure, maybe you have a payroll provider.

But here is what makes us different.

We cost less. Our pricing is all-inclusive, no add-ons, no upgrades, complicated tiers, or gimmicks. Our price includes both payroll and time tracking. You'll save 20% or more on payroll costs.

We save you time. Time tracking is truly integrated, no need for separate logins, importing data, or entering hours manually. The time clock is integrated.

We are easier to use. Our system removes the complication to let you focus on one task at a time. Hopefully this demo will help prove that.

  1. We provide personal support. We are US based. Email us or call us. We usually respond in 60 minutes or less. Urgent or not, we are here to help.

Okay, let's see how it works.

When you first sign up for Webtimeclock, you have full access to our time clock system.

But if you want Webtimeclock Payroll, you need to upgrade, here's how.

From the dashboard, click on the Account link.

Then click on Selected Plan.

But before I click Upgrade to Payroll, just a quick note on pricing. Converting your account does not instantly raise your price.

Payroll pricing will only take affect after you submit your first payroll. So take as much time as you need to onboard, you won't be charged extra.

Okay, knowing that, click Upgrade to Payroll.

Your account is now ready for payroll onboarding.

We won't go into detail about onboarding in this video. Just know you need to onboard your company and each employee and or contractor.

To onboard you company, click here. To onboard employees, click people, then click here. Your team also has access to these links when they log in.

Very good.

Here is a demo company with three people. One salary employee, one hourly employee, and one contractor.

Each has their wage entered, and each has been onboarded.

The company is now ready to run their first payroll.

The only visible difference to the app, are two links.

Payrolls are your list of payrolls that you have so far.

And documents contain downloadable tax documents and pay stubs. As a convenience, your employees also have access to their pay stubs when they log in.

For HR, documents are also a place to store shareable HR files such company policies, and performance reviews.

Now, before running payroll, it's good practice to approve hours first.

Click on timesheets to see the summary of hours.

To make it easier to read, our timesheets only show items recorded, and leaves off the rest.

For example, if double time, holiday hours or tips are recorded, you would see them here too.

To approve, click on each person, review their hours, then click Approve. If you want to enter a comment you can, otherwise just leave it blank.

When employees log in, they can approve their own hours the exact same way. And we highly encourage it.

Now we're ready to run payroll.

Click Payrolls, then click RUN

You have the option of running a regular payroll, or off-cycle payroll.

For most payrolls choose regular. Off-cycle payrolls can be used for one-offs such as paying bonuses or for exiting employees, but we won't go into detail.

To run a regular payroll, choose the pay period, click Add, then done.

Now the payroll editor calculates BEFORE taxes.

On the top line...

STATUS shows as DRAFT, but advances to PENDING and PAID once you approve payroll

APPROVE BY is your deadline to submit. Companies new to Webtimeclock Payroll have a 4-day processing period.

Meaning if payday is on a Friday, you need to approve by 5 PM pacific time on Monday before payday.

If you need 2-day processing please contact us, there is no extra charge. For next day processing we charge a little extra.

Next, we show the check date, followed by the payroll type, pay period, and finally the gross amount before taxes.

Below this…

The PAYBY column is for editing how employees should be paid. Either by direct deposit or paper check. It defaults to whatever they preferred.

The REGULAR/OVERTIME column is for any hours worked by the employee. Salary workers are paid 40 hours per week. Hourly workers are paid on whatever hours they work.

Since this employee is salary, our system automatically enters 40 hours for this weekly payroll.

For the hourly employee, our system automatically transferred their regular and overtime hours from their timesheet to the payroll system.

The ADDITIONAL column is for non-hour earnings such as bonuses, commissions, tips, etc.

The REIMBURSEMENT column is for anything owed to the employee that should NOT be taxed.

The PTO/SICK column is for non-worked, benefit hours such as PTO, Vacation, Sick, and Holidays.

For the hourly employee, our system automatically transferred their vacation hours from their timesheet to the payroll system.

And for contractors...

The GROSS PAY column is the amount that will appear on their 1099.

For the contractor, our system automatically transferred their hours from their timesheet to the payroll system.

But if the contractor is not paid per hour, you can enter a flat amount here.

The REIMBURSEMENT column is anything owed to the contractor that should NOT appear on their 1099.

And last, if any person should not be included in this payroll, simply click their delete link.

Since hours, salaries, and wages are imported automatically and all earnings are calculated, this payroll could be ready for processing without any editing at all.

But for this demonstration, I'll make one change.

For the salary employee, I'll reimburse $800 towards the purchase of a laptop for the company.

Now, if everything is good, let's see what the total payroll amount will be including taxes.

To do that, we create a PREVIEW.

On the bottom right, click PREVIEW PAYROLL, then click PREVIEW PAYROLL again to confirm.

When created, click Done.

Keep in mind a PREVIEW keeps your payroll in DRAFT status. It's just a way to make sure everything looks good before you approve.

In the upper right

The CASH REQUIREMENT is how much will be debited from you bank account.

The TAXES are what you as the employer will pay for taxes.

The LIABILITY is the total amount you need to fund for payroll.

And for each employee

We show the taxes withheld, and the net amount received on payday

And for each contractor

We show the net amount they receive on payday

Now, if everything is correct...

On the bottom right, click APPROVE PAYROLL, then click APPROVE PAYROLL again to confirm.

Then click done.

STATUS has now changed to PENDING.

This means that payroll is SCHEDULED to process by 5 PM pacific on your APPROVE BY date.

As long as STATUS is PENDING, you have the ability to CANCEL the payroll.

Once fully processed, your STATUS will change to PAID, and your payroll is complete.

We didn't demonstrate this, but Webtimeclock Payroll can also handle more advanced settings.

For example, we can handle employee benefits such as medical plans, and retirement savings.

We can also handle post-tax deductions such as child-support.

Well, that concludes the Webtimeclock Payroll demonstration.

We hope it shows how easy it is.

If you have any questions, feel free to email our support team.

Thank you for watching.