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Reduce payroll stress

Jul 10, 2023
Outside of cashflow, one of the biggest stresses of running payroll is making sure employee timesheets are submitted and everyone gets paid what they earned.

Since employees are paid for their time, it's mostly about handling their timesheets. You have to make sure all hours are entered, authorized, and calculated correctly... no matter who your payroll processor is.

Webtimeclock offers features that help reduce this kind of stress. Here we go...

Automatic time calculation
Every time an employee clocks in and out, their timesheet is fully calculated. This includes regular hours, overtime hours, and gross wages. If the employee clocks in as directed, no further adjustments should be necessary.

Timesheet approvals
Every person who has access to an employee's timesheet has the option to approve the timesheet. That could include the employee, admin, and supervisor. These approvals are date stamped and become a permanent record on the timesheet.

Easy timesheet editing
At some point a timesheet will need adjusting. Employees may forget to clock in/out (or for any number of other reasons). An admin or supervisor can easily enter any missing punches once the correct times are determined.

Timesheet comments by admins
Any time a timesheet is edited, the admin or supervisor can enter a comment on the timesheet explaining why. This become a permanent record visible on the bottom of the timesheet. No extra buttons need to be clicked to see the comment.

Timesheet comments by employees
Timesheet comments also allow each employee to explain what happened. For example, if they were late, they can explain why. Comments like these become permanent records managers can use to evaluate employee performance.

Overtime calculation
Federal law requires hourly employees receive overtime over 40 hours per workweek. Our system calculates weekly overtime based on the start day of your workweek. Typically it is Monday, but it can be any day of the week that follows your payroll schedule. Optionally, we calculate daily overtime too.

PTO requests and approvals
Employees have the option to request time off inside their account. When this happens, an email alert is sent to their direct manager. If the manager approves the time off, the hours are automatically entered on the employees timesheet.

PTO bank and accruals
Many companies offer their employees benefit hours such as PTO, vacation, and sick time. Some offer employees a bank of hours available to use during the year. Our system allows you to enter a flat amount, or accrue hours by time or by hours worked. To make it easier, available hours are displayed on each employee's timesheet, so they don't have to ask you what their balance is.

Multiple pay schedules
Most companies use a single pay period for payroll, but a few have two or more. For example, a company might pay hourly staff every week, but pay their salary staff twice a month. If your company has multiple pay periods, we have you covered.

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