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Track projects with a time clock

Sep 24, 2023
Most time clocks track time for payroll. A simple clock in/clock out for the day.

But what if your hourly employees work different jobs or project tasks during the day? Can a time clock track those hours too? Yes, depending on the time clock, it might be possible to use it for job costing too.

Traditional clocks
For example, if you have a time clock machine that prints on time cards, you could ask employees to write a job code on the card next to their punch times. Not the best way perhaps, but it works. Further, some machines have a job costing mode that will allow multiple punches during the day. Check your manual to be sure.

Windows-based time clock software
If you have an older Windows-based time clock software system, chances are it will allow you to track jobs too. It might require an upgrade, but you should be able to get it to work. Some systems allow entering job codes right at a wall-mounted time clock.

Cloud-based time clock software
Most cloud systems have some way of tracking activities. For example, some systems track time worked per department or job, with the option of transferring from one to another during the day. While others go as granular as you want... for a higher price.

Watch out for expensive systems.
Expensive systems might be justified depending on what you need. For example, if you have field workers that track hours for various clients at various locations, it would make sense to spend more to track GPS locations, jobs and tasks.

But if your employees work at physical locations such as restaurants, stores, and offices, you really don't need GPS. You only need to know what time they punched, and what job they are working on. The system already knows where they are.

How Webtimeclock handles job costing
In Webtimeclock you have the option of department tracking. This allows employees to choose a department as they clock IN. When they clock out, you have the exact number of hours spent on that activity.

Webtimeclock also allows project/task tracking using departments. Below is an example of how it works. When you enter a department name using a hyphen, it turns your department into a "Project - Task".

Below, the word Bergen is a project, while the words Administration and Direct are tasks for the Bergen project. Simple as that.

Reporting projects and tasks
Below is an example. The report groups all projects and tasks, tells you who worked on each task, for how long, and what the labor cost was. It also gives the total hours and costs for each project. All based on a date range.

You can even export the report as a CSV file to open in Excel or Google Docs.

Webtimeclock is easy to use and does a lot. A lot more than you might think.

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