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Pay your team

Jul 9, 2023

Upgrade to Webtimeclock Payroll

If you pay employees here in the US, then you have to pay tax. Payroll is the second largest source of revenue for the United States under personal income tax.

And if you have ever handled payroll yourself, you know the complications and requirements to stay on top of constant changes. So, unless you are an accountant, outsourcing payroll is probably one of the smartest decisions you could make.

But why Webtimeclock? Sure, we're not a mega payroll company, but we venture to say we offer a better service. Our system is easier, accurate, and comes with integrated time tracking designed for businesses with both hourly and salary employees.

Webtimeclock offers features that make paying your team a breeze. Here we go...

We serve all 50 US states

This is no easy feat, there are thousands of jurisdictions through the United States. Any changes to a jurisdiction will be updated in a timely manner.

We make it easy

Our payroll interface makes running payroll as easy as possible. Running payroll can literally be completed in seconds.

We calculate your taxes

Taxes are based on things like workplace location, residence location, and your declared withholdings. Not matter where, we calculate your paychecks correctly.

We move your money

Using the ACH network, we move your payroll funds to each and every employee and/or contractor. Initially your processing time is 4-days, but you can easily apply for 2-day and next-day processing.

We file your taxes

All tax filings are automatic and paid using the ACH network. No need to mail forms and checks to the Fed or your state governments.

We integrate timesheets

All timesheet hours are automatically applied to payroll. No need for manual entry, transfers, or third-party apps.

We provide self onboarding

Employees and contractors can (if you wish) onboard themselves to our system. They can connect their bank account, and complete & sign their tax withholding forms online.

We provide tax documents

All tax forms, quarterly updates, and year end documents are available in your account to download as PDFs.

We provide pay stubs

All employee and contractor pay stubs are available to download as PDF documents within your account. Available to both you and your team.

We handle small business

We can handle any small business in the United States with up to 200 employees.

We integrate with QuickBooks online

You can sync QuickBooks accounts with our system. As soon as payroll successfully completes, your data is moved to QuickBooks.

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