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Is a free online time clock worth it?

Nov 26, 2023
Free definitely helps the budget, which is nice, but if you run payroll for hourly employees it's wise to stay in compliance.

There are several advertisers these days selling themselves as a free online time clock. Or to be more specific, a way for employees to clock in and out.

On the surface that's fine, maybe they do. But what their software does... or more importantly what their software does not do... is the issue.

As friendly advice, and in general, if you want to be in compliance with labor laws, please reconsider anything offered free. In the long run it's just not worth it.

Does the service calculate overtime properly... or at all? Do they save your records for years to come? Do employees get a copy of their timesheet? Do they allow you to report based on a regular pay period? Can you export for your payroll provider? Will the employee be paid for every minute worked? The list goes on.

Here is the cold truth. Companies don't offer free accounts out of kindness, it's a strategy to get you to upgrade. So for most, a free plan is worth what you pay for it. In other words, nothing.

Let the buyer beware.

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