Adding employees

People are your most important resource... they are your team. They also have different roles. Webtimeclock makes it as easy as possible to get them onboarded, whether you use our time tracking, payroll, or both. Here is how to add an employee (or contractor) on Webtimeclock.

1. Go to LOGIN > People > Add

That opens a form to enter your team member. Enter their first and last name. Including their middle name is not necessary, but helpful if you have two team members with the same name.

Enter Name

2. Select an Access Role...

Standard - For most team members. Allows person to clock in/out, see their own timesheets, and post messages. With Pro they can request time off, see their schedule, and access shared files.

Supervisor - Has the same access rights as Standard, but with the ability to view/edit timesheets and schedules for team members assigned to them. However they can't view wages or change settings.

Admin - Allows full access to all team members. They can add people, view/edit timesheets, and change settings. However they can't view wages, run payroll, or view billing.

Super Admin - Allows full access to everything. Assign someone as a Super Admin if they require the authority to view billing, and run payroll (if you use our payroll service).

Earlier versions of Webtimeclock required a separate account depending on the persons role. For example, if a person was both an employee and supervisor, they needed two accounts. We've made it much easier, a person with two roles, only needs one account. 🚀

Select Access Role

3. Select an Employment type

Hourly - For all non-exempt employees. This defaults timesheets as non-editable, and calculates them with overtime. With our payroll system, pays employees based on their hourly rate.

Salary - For all exempt employees. This makes sure timesheets (if they use them) are self-editable, and not calculated with overtime. With our payroll system, pays employees based on their annual salary.

Contractor- For all 1099 workers. This makes sure timesheets are self-editable, and not calculated with overtime. With our payroll system, allows you to pay your 1099 contractors.

Admin only - For administrators who are not on payroll. For this type, there are no timesheets, or payroll entries. Those using this type could be company owners, or accounting advisors.

Select Type

4. Click Add

Click Add

That's it! Your team member has been added!

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