Why use Webtimeclock?

Well, here are a few reasons...

Easy like sunday morning

Learn how to use Webtimeclock in minutes, not hours or days. That is how it was designed. No need for manuals, classes, or weekend training seminars. Sign up, enter your employees, then have them log in to record their time. Simple.

At the end of your pay period, just print, email or export your timecard data. You can even download all timecards as a single batch file for your records. To get your employees paid, send the Webtimeclock summary report to your payroll processor or accountant. Done.

Save your money

Our per employee rate is very competitive. Beyond that, there are no base fees, setup fees, cancelation fees, or silly gimmicks. In fact, we only make money when customers love us.

But in the event you don't love us, no worries, simply download all your timecards, close your account and have a nice day. We have no desire to lock you in.

More than counting hours

We've spent years developing our timecard algorithm. It gathers all punches from the web, wall mounted time clock, telephone, and text messages... Crunches them based on payroll policies such pay period, overtime, departments, holidays, schedule, beneift hours, and rounding... Archives for future reference... then displays it all on an easy-to-understand timecard. Whew!

The companies we keep

We have thousands of awesomely sweet companies using us. From fortune 500 companies to fortune 5 million companies. However we rather not give you a laundry list of household names. Why? How would that be fair to the many companies you don't recognize? After all, it's those small companies that really run the economy.

Suffice it to say that we have customers that represent nearly every industry you can imagine.

We take care of you

We take three things very seriously. Clients, software and servers. If you have a question, we are here to help. If something goes wrong, we'll fix it, tell you what happened, and work to make sure it does not happen again. We answer to you. In fact we often act on your suggestions.

Our system was built specifically for the internet and to satisfy high demand. We use the latest software, hardware and host our servers in one of the best networks in the country.

And yes, support is always free.

Tons of features

Webtimeclock may be easy to use, but it has powerful features. It can be setup to follow your existing payroll policies, or to create new ones.

For example, it can calculate overtime on a weekly and or daily basis; prevent unauthorized overtime using revision zones, schedules and employee lockout; track hours worked by department; and accrue benefit hours such as vacation and sick time. Here are a few features.

Dashboard summary
Web based time clock app
Supports all pay periods
GPS tracking
IP Security
Job tracking
Time off accrual
Revision zones, shift schedules
Allows shifts that work through midnight
Calculates overtime for all States
5, 6, 10 and 15 minute rounding rules
Timecard batching
And more

Optional wall mounted time clocks

We are the first company to offer a bonified internet wall mounted time clock - one that does not require a static IP address or modem. They connect to your router just as your PC or Mac does. Once connected, employees can enter their PIN number (or badge) to punch their time. Very durable and can be locked to a wall. You won't find anything easier or more reliable.

Optional telephone and text punching

We are very aware of the demand for mobile applications. Who doesn't have a cell phone these days? We offer special phone numbers employees can call (or text) to clock IN/OUT. They can even enter what job they are working on.