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Here is how you start a free Webtimeclock account. It only takes a minute. I'll show you all the questions we ask during signing up and why we ask them.

We say 15-days, but tell us how you long you really need. 😉

If you are an existing Webtimeclock customer, you still get it free! We want everyone to have chance to review our system without spending a penny.

1. Sign up

Go to

If you have a Google account, click Sign up with Google. It makes future sign-ins a breeze, just one click. Or instead, enter your name, email, and password. You can always integrate with Google later if you want.

Webtimeclock Sign Up Setp 1

2. Enter your business name

Please enter your company's legal name, phone number, and legal address. Webtimeclock needs this for account settings (especially if you use our payroll services). It also helps our system keep you compliant, as locations matter.

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3. Enter your business address

Your legal company address may not be where you work. If that is the case, please enter your primary workplace location. Our system will use that for geolocation. Please also select your regular pay period, you'll be able to fine tune this later.

Webtimeclock Sign Up Setp 3

4. Choose plan

The last form to complete. Select Pro to take full advantage of Webtimeclock. Or if you just need something basic, select Simple. Telling us what role you have with the company is very helpful too. For example, if you are an advisor, we can offer you the ability to manage multiple accounts.

Webtimeclock Sign Up Setp 4

When ready, click Log In. That's it! You're signed up!