Sharing Documents

Every business with employees should have HR documents. Things like employee handbooks, job descriptions, orientation documents, reviews, and schedules.

Obviously, these documents should be available to administrators.

But some documents should also be available to employees. For example, employees should have access to their employee handbook, orientation documents, and performance goals. When you share documents, the employee can see them in their account. Saving you a lot of time.

Webtimeclock makes this easy.

SIGN IN > Documents

Each Administrator has access to all documents. To add a document, click Add. To delete a document, click the DEL button. And to download the document click Download. Simple.


How to share documents

Sharing is also easy. Click the share link to open the file sharing form. Click the checkbox next to every person who should see it, then click Save. That's it, each person now has access to that file inside their own account.

Instead file cabinets, or other file storage services, you have it all in one place.