We Even Make Pricing Easy

No base fees. No setup fees. No cancelation fees. No gimmicks.

What you get
  • Free 15-day trial
  • GPS tracking
  • Job tracking
  • Time off accruals
  • Timecard batching
  • Revision zones
  • IP security
  • Payroll exports
  • Rounding rules
  • Free expert support
  • Timecard reports
  • Payroll Summary reports
  • Status reports
  • Job reports
  • Audit reports (DCAA)
  • Auto lunch deduction
  • Timecard approvals
  • And more
Common questions

Others charge $5/user, why not you? Simply put, we made the conscious decision not to overcharge our customers.

Are there hidden fees? Only the fees shown above, that's it. No base fees, no contract fees, no cancellation fees.

Is support free? Always. And by the way, that includes unlimited phone support.

How does yearly billing work? You are billed based on the number of employees in your account. If you gain or lose employees through the year, no problem. Each month we adjust for it.

Will you raise my prices later? No, not the per employee pricing. When you sign up, you are locked in. Phone/text clocking may change.