What does webtimeclock cost?

Making things faster and easier is worth it. But keeping your records safe and your business compliant is even more worth it.

Are there hidden fees? Only the fees shown above, that's it. No base fees, no contract fees, no cancellation fees.

Is support free? Always. And by the way, we don't charge higher rates for phone support either.

Don't you mean per user? You read correctly, we charge per employee, not per user. We only charge for those folks who actually track time. Administrator and supervisor accounts are free of charge.

How does yearly billing work? You are billed based on the number of employees in your account. If you gain or lose employees through the year, no problem. Each month we adjust for it.

Will you raise my prices later? No, not the per employee pricing. When you sign up, you are locked in. Phone/text clocking may change.

Do you offer special pricing for non-profits or schools? Yes. Please contact support for details.

Do you offer custom branding? Yes, we have a white label time clock. Perfect for companies with more than 50 employees, or any professional employer organization such as payroll, or staffing. Starts with a master account, and allows unlimited companies assigned to that account. Requires a $200 setup fee. Please call 800-450-2692 for details.