Simpler is always better

One price. No setup fees. No cancelation fees. No gimmicks.

$2.99 per user per month : FREE 15-day trial, click here to start Users include administrator, supervisors, and employees. Two user minimum. See volume pricing.


We also offer optional services and hardware...

Telephone Time Entry (toll-free)
6¢ per punch
Telephone Time Entry (not toll-free)
2¢ per punch
SMS Text Message Time Entry
8¢ per punch
Web Browser Time Entry
Mobile Browser Time Entry
Timecard & Summary storage
Wall mounted time clock (w/Free ship)
$399.00 each

What you get

We don't mess with modules or addons. All accounts get everything...

  • FREE 15-day trial
  • Department transfer
  • Benefit hour accruals
  • Timecard batching
  • Revision zones
  • IP, Cookie, & Caller ID security
  • SSL security
  • Employee timecard reports
  • Payroll summary reports
  • Department transfer reports
  • Who's in reports
  • Timecard archiving
  • Summary archiving
  • And more

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