Webtimeclock Learning

Short, easy, help videos to get you started. No long-winded tutorials here. You'll be a time clock hero in no time.

Get started in less than two minutes. Learn how to sign up, set up your pay period, and enter employees. Then see how employees clock in online. 1:39

Turn any device into an employee time clock. Computers, tablets, or smart phones. In this video learn how to register your app, and how employees clock in with a 4 digit pin number. 1:49

How do you prevent employees from clocking in at home? By using IP security. This video will explain how it works, and how to set it up. 1:21

Supervisors and Administrators will do this a lot. Edit time cards. Webtimeclock makes it easy. Learn how to manually add or edit punches, and enter vacation hours on a time card. 1:33