How Webtimeclock works

We make it look easy

We've noticed many time and attendance solutions are simply too complicated. They require training and have features you never use.

We've also noticed an increase of all-in-one, HR systems selling time and attendance (like ADP and Paychex). Typically they claim their solution is better, charge you more, but don't always provide what you need.

Instead, Webtimeclock takes away the complexity, gives you what you need, and charges you less.

How is it less complicated?

Several ways. However for this article, we'll focus on our time card (or timesheet). The heart of any time and attendance system.

Easy to understand, easy to edit

Instead of just clicking a name on a list, scroll through your list of employees and payperiods with left/right arrows. So much easier. Editing the time card is easy too. Zero learning curve.

Webtimeclock time card editing

Totals both hours and wages

Instead of just calculating hour totals, we also calculate wages. It's good to know what your spend will be. Payroll is not necessarily based on hours.

Totals shown in hours and wages. Decimals totals available too.

Job summaries and time off accruals

Instead of referencing multiple reports. We optionally display a jobs summary and accrual report on each time card. Employees won't have to ask how much PTO they have available.

These display on time card based on the employee's settings

Know what happened

Instead of asking your supervisor what happened 6 months ago, make a record of it. Our commenting system displays time stamped records right on each time card. It's a two-way communication, permanently recorded.

Time card comments are exclusive to Webtimeclock

Multiple approvals

Instead of having employees physically sign their time card, our approval system displays time stamped approvals right on the report. Besides the employee, any number of administrators or supervisors can approve.

Approval button is available when a time card has recorded hours

Print, PDF, Email, or Export

Instead of hunting for a way to output, we make it easy. These buttons appear at the bottom of any time card that has hours recorded.

Buttons appear on all reports.