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Log in instantly to your account. Trials are free for 15 days, and include free support. No credit card required.

No credit card required

Do you offer free setup support? Yes, in fact we highly recommend it. Although our software is easy, it is so much faster when we get you started. Please give us a call.

How many employees may I track? No limit. As many as you need during the trial. Enjoy.

What happens at the end of the trial? If you entered your credit card, we will charge it at the end of your trial. If you forget to enter it, no worries, your employees will still be able to clock in as normal, however your reporting will go to sleep. To wake it up, simply log into your account and make payment.

I ran out of time, what can I do? Just talk to us. We are more than happy to extend trials for new customers.

Can we clock in by phone or text? Yes, you are free to use our phone and text clocking during the trial.