Using Our Old Version? Why Not Make the Switch?

November 27 2017 - By Bill Nourse

You may have noticed some changes with our login page. We'll also be rolling out a new website and videos within a few weeks (if not sooner).

Please be aware we'll be removing login links to the old version from our main website. This should happen at the end of December. Although you are welcome to continue using our old version (we will still support it), Webtimeclock will be focusing on our latest version.

If you haven't moved, PLEASE tell us why.

Did you know we have a new version?

We've learned that many of you do not even know about Webtimeclock 3. And for those that do know, there's been confusion and questions. Hopefully this post will help.

Are you closing the old version?

No. The difference is our login. You will still be able to log into our old version, however you will need to bookmark this URL:

How do we switch?

Simple, signup for our Free 15 day trial and start using it. When you're ready, we'll stop billing on your old account and give you free access to your old data. NOTE: We don't automatically know when you decide. Please let us know.

Will our data transfer?

No, instead we'll give you free access to your old account. That way, you can access your old data using the familiar interface. We are more than happy to help you move, we want it to be as easy as possible. Let us know.

Has the price changed?

Yes. We no longer charge per user. We charge $3 /employee/month. Administrators and supervisors are free. We simply ask you to pay a minimum of $12/month

Is Webtimeclock 2 going away?

No, you may still use it, however we stopped development. Keep in mind, login links will be removed from our main website by the end of the year.

What's Different about Webtimeclock 3?

Although we maintain our easy-to-use design, we've made it a lot more productive. Here is a list.