Introducing Webtimeclock Version 3. A Complete Rebuild from the Ground Up.

February 24 2017 - By Bill Nourse
Webtimeclock Logo

Today we are excited to announce the release of webtimeclock 3. After nearly 4 years of work, it is our most ambitious product to date. Tons of new features, much needed improvements, and a whole new look.

Our top priority was to keep webtimeclock as easy as possible, while adding more features. To pull this off, we decided not to mess with our existing app, but create a new one.

Since we started in 2003, our purpose has been to bring the employee time clock online. Make it available anywhere. We believe webtimeclock 3 holds that tradition, yet makes it so much better. Data collection is more convenient, and reporting is more productive. We hope you like it.

Our new logo We decided to drop the "W" for a more meaningful mark. If it's not obvious, it's a clock face with a smile instead of clock hands. A happy clock!

Are you an existing customer?

Webtimeclock 3 is an option for you, not a requirement. You are welcome to continue using webtimeclock 2 as long as you want, we'll still support it.

If you are interested in upgrading, please sign up for the free, 15 day trial. It will help you decide whether to switch or not.

If you do decide to upgrade, we won't be able transfer your data. However, we're more than happy to keep your old account available at no charge. Contact support for details.

What's new

So how is it different? Here are some (not all) of the features and improvements. In no particular order.