The Webtimeclock Multi-Biometric Time Clock.

We’ve partnered with Compumatic to offer the MultiBio. Buy the clock, then start your free 15-day trial. Webtimeclock is just $2/person/month.


About the MultiBio

The Compumatic MultiBio is an easy-to-use multi-biometric time clock terminal for the cloud. It connects to your local network via Wi-Fi or ethernet cable. When connected, it instantly connects to Webtimeclock.

Simple to set up, enter employees in Webtimeclock, then transfer them to the clock. If you lose internet, no worries, data is automatically transferred when reconnected.

Employees clock by facing the dual cameras on the MultiBio. Completely touch-free. If preferred, individual employees can clock by touching the finger sensor, or using an RFID badge or key fob.

Plenty of capacity, the MultiBio has a 1200 face template capacity, 2000 finger template capacity, and 100000 transaction capacity. Also includes built in flash memory that saves your data even without power.

Package includes Compumatic MultiBio time clock, 6ft ethernet cable, wall mounting bracket, bracket hardware, and power supply. Comes with a one year Compumatic warranty, and FREE shipping to the US.

About Webtimeclock

Webtimeclock is an online time clock system established in 2003 and trusted by thousands of companies. Easy to use, and very affordable. Pay $2 per person/month with a minimum of $20/month.

Every account starts with a free 15-day trial with no credit card required. If you need more time, let us know, we can extend the trial for new customers.

Powerful features are included at no extra cost such as time off management, employee scheduling, staff messaging, payroll integrations, and a lot more.

Give us a try, running your business will be lot easier.

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